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MaryAnn in Berkeley – Community Engagement

Maralyn was a tremendous asset to me when I was displaced from my role at Sam’s Club. She provided expert coaching, valuable insights, and leverageable skills that vastly improved my marketability, my confidence and my ability to articulate my unique skills to potential employers. I continue to reference her teachings […]

Yvonne in Phoenix – Diversity Talent Attraction Leader

Oddly, in life there are some curiosities that we can’t account for but they become thematic. One of them is the number three. It comes up in so many instances, I thought it would be fun to note for you the ones I am aware of. Almost all of these […]

The Principle of Focus

Where am I putting my attention?   If your life is anything like mine, you may have grown up hearing “just focus”. What does that mean???? Um, my parents (and teachers) forgot to teach me that lesson. Life didn’t forget. Focus is a discipline that will support the quality of […]

Manage Stress without Pulling Your Hair Out

My goal in this post is to share some principles and tactics that can make handling stress easier. When dealing with stressful situations, I like to keep a few things in mind. First, focus only on the task at hand—that is, be in the moment. Easy to say, not so […]