Multiply Your Effectiveness 

Expand Your Influence

Increase Your Income and Life satisfaction

Life is complex and challenging

There are many circumstances in life that we can’t control

Then change appears to take forever

And there never seems to be enough time

How Much Longer Do You Want to Wait?

Our clients are successful people that count on us to accelerate career and workplace transformation.
They work at companies including:


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Forest City


A wise person once said, “it’s not what you know that matters. It’s what you do with what you know.”

In the work we do together you will :

  • Enhance your current skills to make faster, stronger choices
  • Eliminate unnecessary conflicts and obstacles
  • Clear away minor, daily distractions

What our clients are saying:

Maralyn is an expert at what she does, she is extremely knowledgeable and skilled. It has been a pleasure working with her.
L. H.,  Yum Brands - Manchester, NH

Maralyn has extraordinary insight and perception... clients clearly see the best path to follow... to confidently create their own best opportunity for action.
M.R, American Cancer Society - Chicago, IL

The coaching was very customized to me. It was very interactive and left me feeling that I was heading in the right direction.
D. H., Chattem, Inc -  Chattanooga, TN

Maralyn has been wonderful to work with. She has made me feel like a priority and truly interested in helping me achieve future success.
A. N., Midcontinent Media
Lawrence, KS

Maralyn ... vastly improved my marketability, my confidence, and my ability to articulate my unique skills... I feel very fortunate...
SB, Sam’s Club - Chicago, IL

My coach was awesome. I couldn’t have asked for better. I feel more confident about searching and interviewing.
A.C., Fred’s Inc - Memphis, TN

Maralyn was fantastic, she adjusted to my particular situation well.
M. C.,  QEP - Denver, CO

I am feeling clear ... and confident... I also feel I can better market myself, network and face all kinds of questions. I really got a lot out of our time together.
J. T., Zebra - Holtsville, NY

Maralyn is amazing. She is intuitive and understands the needs of her clients. I highly recommend her.
D.S. - Dallas, TX

Maralyn, I truly enjoyed working with you. I found your council very helpful to clarify my thoughts on next steps.
R.Q, Mohawk - New York, NY
I enjoyed working with Maralyn, it was totally different than what I was expecting.
D. S.,  QEP Resources - Denver, CO

Very helpful in organizing my thinking and focusing on
essential areas.

P. D.,  Ursinus College - Collegeville, PA

The prep you did with me was invaluable. Thank you for all of
your insights.

E.H, Drax Biomass - Atlanta, GA
You would be proud to learn I negotiated a higher salary... I will never forget our powerful and meaningful conversation.
My coach taught me how to speak succinctly about myself.
J. Y, Morton Salt - Salt Lake City, UT